Monday, 8 June 2009

Map of Cambodia: A personalised map of a specific location; Cambodia. I discovered the country had high levels of poverty and the picture produced follows the contours of a map of Cambodia. It is distressed to
emphasise the poverty of the location, but also blended into a background which one would ignore. I chose to do this as research made it apparent that Cambodia was not discovered or established as a country for a long time.

Chicago Sounds: Stills from an animation project entitled 'Destination Conversation' conducted after a study trip to Chicago. I decided to represent the sounds of the location in an abstract manner using the outer format of a suitcase to emphasize my role within the place (traveller!). Inside the case is a record player; the records are pictorial representations of Chicago sounds. The stylus moves across the alternating imagery to 'release' the echoes of the locations' sounds. The case facilitates the 'taking home' of the destination conversations.